Online English Coaching for the IELTS Exam


As you have passed an English interview for a British hospital, your English is obviously good! With our help you will be able to take the IELTS Exam with confidence!


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Online English Coaching for the IELTS Exam




Top Marks English offers effective help and assistance with your self-study for the IELTS exam.



The IELTS Level Test


This is where to start if you haven’t taken the exam before. This will enable you and us to know where you are in relation to the level required.



The IELTS Classroom


This is where the learning begins! There are three types of online sessions which you can attend:


Classes are full, hour long sessions, (e.g. how to write a report or essay, Grammar workshops, etc). Here the teacher will explain all the aforementioned techniques generally and set assignments for you to prepare for the workshops.


In the live Workshops you can go through your individual problems with the teachers, getting tips to improve your listening and reading skills, as well as reviewing your exercises and writing assignments that you upload. You will probably be in these sessions for about 20 minutes, but you can also stay for the whole hour if you want to help analyse other students’ work to see how you compare.


The Speaking Exam practice sessions enable the teacher to provide you as much practice as possible and point out how you can be more confident in this sometimes tricky exam!



Classroom Documents


Here you will find all the necessary documents to accompany the lessons as well as self study documents for extra study. There are reading and listening exercises with answers so you can mark and analyse your results to see your problems, speaking exercises to practice with (maybe recording them and listening back to yourself objectively) and writing tasks to send to us be marked, with feedback from expert teachers who will point you in the right direction!



Your Results & your progress


The Your Results page allows you to send us writing assignments to be marked as well as your speaking, listening and reading. As your assignments are uploaded and marked they appear in your own Results Table where you can easily view your progress.


Please remember you can come to as many online classes as you like, we would certainly recommend you to do so.




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