Why take the Top Marks English IELTS level test?



The IELTS exam is an official requirement for many non-UK workers now.  For example,  the NMC requires nurses to have scored 7 in each part of the IELTS exam before they can get their Pin and start working.


Many employers are providing appropriate candidates with free IELTS training in order to help them through the process and start work a.s.a.p., so it is important for them to know, before interview, not only what level of English candidates have, but how long it might take them to pass the IELTS exam.


The Top Marks English IELTS level test is written and marked by experienced IELTS teachers and examiners. It contains the same four elements  as the IELTS exam, but comes in a shorter, more convenient 75 minute form. Once the test is completed, both candidate and employer will know how they would do in the IELTS exam if they were to take it now.